Anna Faber


2012-11-28 22:58

November 27, in the very elegant restaurant "Belvedere" located in the Royal Bath Park – Anna Faber graced by this concert promoting the book, and rather the album entitled: "Exquisite Polish Cuisine". The promotional evening ended with a gala dinner attended by Presidential couple. The unusual music on the harp, and the publisher "Bosz" – they did all the best for evening and a specially book-album were astonished by elegance adequate to the title of publishing

Authors of the book-album are a dozen people, including Lady Anna Komorowska (wife of the RP President), who is the originator of writing and editing the publication to which recipes was provided by outstanding heads of Polish cuisine: from Amaro to Okrasy.

The book also includes the recipes of the presidential home cuisine. Among the guests were representatives of the world of culture, business, politics, and also a few journalists and the representation of the world of science. During the evening, on a gala dinner given four dishes taken from the book-album promoted: Paul Oszczyk – the head of the cuisine restaurant "La Rotisserie" prepared a smoked trout with marinated pumpkin, apple jelly and porcini chips; Wojciech Modest Amaro prepared onion soup with smoked plum and chanterelle mushrooms, Adam Komar, the head of the cuisine restaurant "Belvedere" prepared roasted quail with roulade with spinach and beans, with stewed lazy dumplings and red cabbage; and for dessert, Paul Malecki – gave gingerbread-poppy mousse with hot cherries in wine. All dishes were great which is not surprising, because prepared it "the best of the best". The author of admission is Prof. Jerzy Bralczyk and outstanding graphic designer – Andrew Barecki. Those two names are unquestionable guarantee of publication quality.

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